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Preparing for the appraisal

Things to do

The appraiser, appraiser's office, and/or associate will be contacting you to set a time that they can gain access to your home and any accessory buildings.  This inspection is more of an observation as the appraiser is not a mechinal, electrical, and/or plumbing expert.  This observation generally takes 45 minutes.  The sooner this occurs the better. 

Provide upfront information:

When you are setting appointment it is a great time to inform the appraiser of some basic details.  Many times the appraiser likes to have data pulled and much of the data file compiled prior to observing your home.  Knowing if there are any additions, conversions, additional features to the home and recent improvements made.  This all gives the appraiser a better picture of what they are going to see when they are there.

Accessibilty to all rooms and buildings:

It is not necessary to have your home perfect in appearance however pick up personal affects as best as possible.  Have the kitchen and bathrooms relatively clean and living areas in order.  While the degree to which a home is clutter free and clean does not typically impact the value however the appraiser is human and just as potential buyers would come through your home in the event it was for sale the nicer it is kept the better someone may anticapater the overall condition of the home.

While the appraiser is at your home greet eachother with a smile and know they will be both outside and inside your home for approximately 45 minutes.  They are best to left alone so the can focus on getting the needed data collected correctly while there.  Prior to them leaving your home when they are all done is the best time to mention to them any items you want to make sure do not get overlooked.

Once the observation is completed and the appraiser has left anticipate for a residential property that the final report will be complete with 48 to 72 hours after inspection.  Longer times may be needed if the home is unique and located in an area lacking a lot of comparable sales data.

Things not to do

Do not ask the appraiser for any value numbers and/or indicate to them where the value needs to be for a successful result for you.  This can be lead to be seen as pressuring the appraiser.  If the appraiser feels they are getting pressured they may ask for the Lender to reassign to a new appraiser.  This will only cause delay for the whole process.

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