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As our Client's "go to AMC", SunPointVMS combines proprietary and compliant technology with great customer service to offer the most streamlined process to our valuation partners and lenders.

This approach helps us reach our ultimate goal of delivering the most accurate valuation reports within the timeframes of the mortgage transactions.

SunPointVMS guarantees all appraisal reports to fully comply with all regulations and guidelines. The company's Cloud Control appraisal management technology is the only software of its kind built on the and Micrcosoft 365 platforms.

We are committed to excellence at SunPointVMS and strive to become the most dependable and thorough AMC in the industry.


SunPointVMS provides clients the tools to navigate the valuation process in an evolving lending environment.  Through innovative technology and customized service strategies, our mission is to serve as the engine that runs the real estate valuation industry.  We are your partner for success.


Our vision serves as the road map to our mission, guiding our course as an organization and ensuring sustainable growth.

  • People: Build a healthy environment and a culture in which people find inspiration, develop ideas and have the support to make them become a reality.
  • Products: Promote quality technology that improves processes.
  • Integration: Develop strong bonds, exceed expectations and grow with clients.
  • Efficiency: Use the tools that ensure accurate valuations the first time.
  • Education: Increase efficacy through personal instruction and repetition.


Values define our actions and affirm the integrity of our relationships.

  • Innovation: Embrace and drive change
  • Accountability: No task goes unassigned
  • Honesty: Transparency exposes true character
  • Service:  Happy employees equal happy customers
  • Humility:  Awareness of flaws enhances proactivity
  • Commitment: Persistence to get the job done


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